Online Workshops

for children, teenagers, and adults

Since summer 2020, our workshops also take place online. We have invested several weeks of conceptual work to be able to apply the Tinkertank Principle in the digital space and also maintain spontaneity, attention, interaction and collaboration online.

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What online formats do we offer?

Workshops and camps for children and teenagers

Creative workshops for adults

Rapid Prototyping workshops for companies

Mentor training

What technology do you need?

You will receive a handout in advance with information about tools or materials that might be used in the workshop, such as

· Video conferencing tools
· Software like Arduino
· Tinkering materials commonly found in households

Any additional technology we will send you in advance.

What content is suitable for online workshops?

The content focus is on digital technology, for example on

· Virtual Reality
· Game Controller
· Micro Controller

We apply our creativity methods in the same way as in the offline workshops.

Please contact us

Contact: Jasmin Mertikat Phone: +49 (0) 7141 64 96 315 Mail: